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Hey guys, as you well know I am Mahi Raju! I'm so happy to see you're interested in change :)

I've been in academia my entire life! I've been a student my entire life, which means I have a Bachelor's degree in Neuroscience from UT and was a Master's Candidate at Johns Hopkins at the first and only Mental Health Proggram in the world. I made many profesional connections, I was an exceptional student, and did EVERYTHING that I was told to do.

Can you guess where that led me? Unemployed and pushed aside. Tired. Sleepless. Scrambling. Sound familiar? Everyone I reached out to said "It'll happen don't worry." And left me high and dry while they went on with their lives. And I was not the only one experiencing this--so many of my peers were pushed aside as well.

I and half my graduating class am PROOF that the "proven path" doesn't work. I am PROOF that doing what I was told and doing it "the right way" was the ONLY way to make money for a "regular" person.

If they lied to me about how secure my path was, why coudn't they be lying to me about how succesful I might be outside of it?

If no one was going to help me then I was going to be the one to do it. I was going to BUILD something that would WORK FOR ME. I wanted to build something that made me money even when I wasn't lookin at my computer. I wanted freedom, not the false promise of "safety" that I've been hearing my entire life.

And I knew my desire simply would'nt give me the life I wanted. ACTION WOULD.

So I started my journey... and we're here today. Building. Welcome to my world of digital marketing.

This is where you make your own schedule--work any time, from any place, in any way YOU wish to. This is where there is no earning cap. This is where your fate is put BACK into your own hands.

This is where you TAKE BACK your power. Your control.

Congratulations, my friend.